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Presbyterian Hospital|About|News|New MA offering provides convenience and flexibility

New MA offering provides convenience and flexibility

October 5, 2022 Featured Our Stories

Presbyterian Health Plan’s new Medicare Advantage plan is aimed at people that want predictability in their health care costs but also flexibility.

Brandon Fryar, president of Presbyterian Health Plan, explains in the Albuquerque Journal that the Ultra Flex Plan provides out-of-network service for those that travel. It also comes with a prepaid debit card that can be used for benefits such as eyewear, acupuncture, dental or chiropractic services.

When it comes to picking a plan, Fryar recommends getting information from someone that really knows Medicare before deciding.

"Oftentimes, it’s a trusted broker in the community that you can go and visit with," Fryar said.

Presbyterian has licensed health plan consultants available at 800-346-4766 (TTY 711).
Learn more about Medicare Advantage plans.

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