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Presbyterian Performs 500th Robotic Surgery

April 10, 2012

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Presbyterian Hospital will perform its 500th robotic surgery today using the da Vinci® surgical robot.

Presbyterian performed its first surgery with the da Vinci robot on February 8, 2011. Dr. Jonathan Lackner and Dr. Wayne Kuang, the same two surgeons who completed the very first surgery, will be performing today’s surgery.

The da Vinci robot is a fairly new technology for New Mexico and provides a less invasive option for patients undergoing surgery. This robot has unique features designed to provide clinical benefits and efficiency in the operating room, which translate into benefits for both the physicians and their patients.

The da Vinci system’s advanced technology takes surgery beyond the limits of the human hand. It allows physicians to have greater precision, increased range of motion and enhanced visualization. Patients experience shorter hospital stays, less risk of infection, lower blood loss, less scarring, reduced side effects and a faster return to normal daily activities.

Currently, the robot is used mainly for urologic and gynecologic procedures including hysterectomies and the surgical treatment of gynecologic and prostate cancers. Presbyterian’s Surgery program has more than 20 surgeons trained to use the robot.

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